Andrew Mitchell

Senior Associate - Trading

Andy Mitchell graduated in 1996 with a PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering. He spent 20 years at BP, having joined in 1996 when he worked briefly as a Refinery Engineer prior to moving to BP’s London trading floor as a Trading Analyst, he then spent 15 years trading.

Andy’s trading career began trading Refinery Margins and inter-product spreads before moving onto a Quant / Systematic trading book (akin to a managed futures hedge fund) trading over 50 asset classes spanning oil and gas through softs, metals, bonds and currencies to stock indices. Andy spent his final 3 years at BP working within the Treasury Trading team, trading Spot FX and managing the BP Group foreign exchange risk.

Andy is an accomplished and outcome focused Senior Trader with broad ranging skills across corporate flow optimisation, trading entrepreneurially around corporate flow and trading purely entrepreneurially. He has expertise in designing, implementing and executing quantitative and systematic trading algorithms, managing risk and money management of multiple asset classes including oil, gas, softs, metals, indices, foreign exchange and bonds, technical analysis and numerical analysis. Andy also has extensive experience teaching technical analysis and trading disciplines to management, trading graduates and third parties. He was a regular contributor to BP’s internal trader training programmes and external third party courses specialising in paper trading and technical analysis.

Andy joined Smart Global in March 2017 as Director of Supply and Trading.