Graduate Schemes

We can take the pain out of running a graduate recruitment scheme.

A highly valuable and important process each year for many trading operations is to hire the latest group of graduates. This can be very time consuming for Human Resource professionals and require a lot of ‘off desk’ time for traders.

Traders have very high standards of criteria for new young hires and it is often difficult to match this view to successful applicants. Traders look for commerciality, diversification and above all that ‘special something’, but this is extremely hard to define. At Smart Global we have many years of experience of searching for new trading talent.

Using our set of proven trader attributes and our unique process management system, Smart RecruiterTM, let Smart Global administer your company's graduate recruitment process from start to finish. Our service includes Curriculum Vitae screening, interviews, trading simulation and assessment. We also assist Human Resources with advertising campaigns and communication with higher education establishments.


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