Chris Brown

Senior Associate - Crude

Chris began his career trading soft commodities on the London Futures Exchange. This became the platform for a highly successful career in the energy sector spanning some thirty four years.

Chris joined Norwegian state oil company Statoil in 1985. His broad exposure to International markets during nineteen years’ tenure gave him an in-depth knowledge of the petroleum industries supply & demand economics which, combined with his recognised trading skills, enabled him to take on many high profile management positions within Statoil’s marketing and trading organisation. The challenges presented were inherent with working for one of the world’s largest crude oil exporters. His extensive working knowledge of the BFOE, Dated Brent, CFD & futures contracts combined with the ability to maximise crude quality differentials, through arbitrage and storage trades, helped the teams he worked with achieve their financial targets year on year.

Looking for a new challenge Chris moved to Morgan Stanley to work on physical crude acquisitions while also trading Dated Brent derivatives. This was followed by a move to Nexen Energy Marketing and Trading Ltd, joining a team whose given mandate was to create added value to the company’s equity portfolio. Over a nine year period Chris and his colleagues developed innovative and profitable trading strategies for crude oil assets produced within Europe, West & North Africa, Canada and the USA.

Wanting to impart his knowledge to other areas of the industry Chris joined Smart Global in December 2015 as Director of Marketing & Trading.