Strategic Review

Smart Global offers a highly distinctive and innovative range of commercial consultancy services.

A traditional way to review business strategy has been to engage large consulting firms with broad experience of business culture but often lacking in oil and energy trading experience or knowledge. Studies are drawn out and extensive reports written which prove costly and often miss their objectives. Smart Global can analyse, describe and quantify the advantages inherent in your business, whether assets owned, market positions, information or people.

Our experts quickly focus on the real issues concerning the business and present to management in a clear and concise fashion. Our goals are simply those of increasing profitability whilst minimising business risk, all of course in a controlled and assured way.

Case Study

A North American trading and supply business engaged Smart Global to review their business strategy in light of recent structural changes in the market. Our experienced trading team was able to use its extensive domain knowledge to deconstruct the business by risk category and, informed by this information, ascertained which areas of the business were viable.


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